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Treating Anger, Resentment and Revenge from a Trauma Perspective: A New EMDR Anger Protocol

10th June 2023 via Zoom

Hosted by: Herman Veerbeek

Cost: £100.00

EMDR therapists practicing in health and forensic fields are frequently confronted with anger problems; some clients may suffer from suppressed, inaccessible anger, others may present with an intimidating, aggressive attitude, as seen in some veterans, clients in a high conflict divorce and some complex trauma clients. Invariably, the externalizing attitude of a client is seen as an annoying process-disturbing phenomenon that can severely block regular EMDR therapy, leaving everybody powerless and frustrated. This workshop explores a new EMDR-protocol that takes anger as starting point in therapy and sees it as an opportunity to heal, making use of;

(1) EMDR: the Adaptive Information Processing model of Francine Shapiro – which encompasses a trauma perspective on anger – and Bilateral Stimulation

(2) a sensorimotor approach (Pat Ogden)

(3) Imagery Rescripting (Young).

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