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2 March (GLASGOW) - Healing Complex Trauma & Dissociation With Ego State Therapy and EMDR

Dr Michael C. Paterson OBE
PhD, DClinPsych, CPsychol, AFBPsS
EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer

**Places still available**

Dr Michael Paterson is a Clinical Psychologist based in Belfast specialising in the treatment of multiply traumatised people. It was largely based on his clinical work with EMDR that he was awarded the OBE in 2008 for Services to Healthcare in Northern Ireland. 

Always an advocate for EMDR, Michael sat on CREST in 2003 (Northern Ireland) and played a key role in ensuring the recommendation of EMDR as an effective treatment for PTSD in adults; the guidance from CREST subsequently fed into the NICE deliberations and their recommendation in 2005.

He was invited by Dr Shapiro to train with her as an EMDR Institute Trainer, joining the Institute's Faculty in 2006.  Michael is a Past President of the EMDR Association of UK & Ireland.

Michael has authored a chapter in the landmark book, Healing the Heart of Trauma and Dissociation with EMDR and Ego State Therapy.  He has also published articles on stress, and on trauma in the emergency services.  He has presented at conferences on treating complex PTSD, and also conferences specialising in dissociation. 

This workshop initially provides an overview of dissociation and how it impacts on EMDR processing. There will be an explanation of Ego State Therapy (EST) and how it fits with EMDR to provide the stabilization clients need, as well as dealing with blocked processing.  Clinical case material is used throughout to illustrate learning points.  Through demonstration and practice participants will learn how to build resources for clients, access ego states in a controlled way and effect therapeutic change. In the latter part of the day, participants will see videos of live cases where EST is used effectively in the Preparation Phase of EMDR to: 1) identify the part-selves and 2) moderate the malevolence displayed by two difficult ego states.

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25 May  (EDINBURGH) - The Neuroscience of Transformation

Paul Sibson - BA (Psychology), MBACP (Accr), UKCP (Reg) 

  • Contributing author to:   Unlocking the Emotional Brain. London: Routledge, 2012
  • Certified Trainer:  The Coherence Psychology Institute (CPI)

NB: This is not a TTiS course so anyone interested in joining this training should make arrangements directly with the organiser

The neuroscience of transformational change processes in psychotherapy is the neuroscience of memory reconsolidation. To date there is no other process or type of neuroplasticity known to neuroscience that eliminates emotional learnings; the root cause of the vast majority of clinical symptoms we see in our practice: attachment learnings / relational trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety etc.

And as a framework for psychotherapy integration the news about memory reconsolidation simply could not be better! Rather than belonging to any single system of psychotherapy the steps required to fulfil the process of reconsolidation are actually experiential in nature - it is a universal process, inherent in the brain. Subsequently to date these exact steps have been shown to be present in over ten modalities of therapeutic practice - and counting! - including therapies as overtly different as EMDR, Emotion Focused Therapy, Coherence Therapy, AEDP and on.

This training day clearly and simply describes these steps, illustrates them through viewed clinical material, and then most importantly focuses on how to integrate and align the experiential ways in which people already work with what we now know from the neuroscience of memory reconsolidation. 

Absolutely not a day about introducing another model of psychotherapeutic practice - absolutely a day about showing the deep structure of transformational change and enhancing the ways in which we already achieve such change!

The day originates from the book 'Unlocking the Emotional Brain':

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And for a brief introduction to memory reconsolidation please see this article from Therapy Today:


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